People Magazine Calls DISH'S Future Boyfriend a Playboy!

If you are a DISH reader at all, you know we will be dating Tour De France winner Lance Armstrong soon. He has a thing for small breasted blonds!! lance.jpg


We are right up his alley and from Texas!! ANYWHO...People mag has recently called him a notorious Texas playboy!! WHAT?? he's had 4 girlfriends in 4 years. Relationships don't usually work out, Give the guy a break. It's a strong possibility that he was just on a few dates with a couple of them and they were not girlfriend's at all! That's normal. I do, however, think it was wrong to spend father's day with his "Special Friend" and all of their kids. Unless you are planning on marring someone, you don't introduce the kids, that is just asking the kids to need therapy later!!! At any rate...go support his charity, it's all good! Click HERE for LIVESTRONG.