Houston Police Assoc. Moonlight Ride

DISH was taking the fur children out for the last pee of the night and noticed there were flashing lights down near Memorial. WELL...being the nosey DISH that we are, we had to go check it out! As we got closer we noticed the street was closed off and it was remarkably quiet. (A very nice change) We asked the nice cop why the streets were closed and why all of these people were riding their bikes up and down Memorial Drive. It was the 2008 Moonlight Ride benefiting the Houston Police Association. Everyone was so nice and having such a good time! We went back to the house, got a pitcher of water for folks and the camera! People of all ages were riding, even some cute little 5 year olds! We made friends and got bitten my mosquitoes. All in all it was a really fun evening! DISH'S future bike riding boyfriend Lance Armstrong was not there, but he's probably still spending time with his latest small breasted, blond haired girl, Kate Hudson. Just as well, we are really too busy for him now anyway....Pics of the event to come tomorrow, it's bed time now =)