Random Computer "Updates"

OK...Windows has this really annoying habit of downloading "updates" without your permission. Well it did it today on DISH'S computer and screwed everything up. Email stopped working and so did one of the messengers. So we lovingly uninstalled these "updates" and everything is back to normal except the biz email. WTF??? It's connected to the personal e mail and yet somehow only one of them can connect to the server?? DISH IS PISSED and wants to throw the computer out of the window...yes pun intended. However, we need it to work sooooooooo...we will be at the computer guru's place tomorrow...oh how we love Martin! =)

In the meantime we are checking the work email by phone...but if you are an avid DISH reader you know how amazing T- Mobile service is NOT therefore it may take some time for us to get back to you if you e us...please don't take it personally...blame Windows and T-Mobile. Boycott...DISH thinks we should boycott.

RantLori Freese