DISH Scooped the Safety Problem at the GRB

In a story only DISH brought you (click HERE to read it) we uncovered a safety problem at the George R. Brown Convention Center. According to fire safety reports there were not enough sprinklers to satisfy the fire safety code. WELL!!!! DISH has a good friend that is a Fire Chief with the city of Houston and he spoke the man that is the senior inspector with an office at the GRB!!! He confirmed that the story is in fact TRUE!!! And he went on to confirm the other part of DISH'S story which is that the GRB knew about the safety problem and didn't ever do anything about it!

The "official" part of the story is that the issue has been put on a list to be taken care of and the the problem is only in a storage room,  not where the public actually spends time. BUT think about it, you have any idea how HUGE a storage room can be at the GRB??? A fire in a room like that can still cause considerable and significant damage and would fall on the TAX PAYERS (this means YOU) to pay for. It's already going to fall on your shoulders to pay to fix the problem that should have been done right to begin with....are you UPSET yet???

We'll keep you posted. =)