Kenneth Lay's Wife Narrowly Missed Getting Waylaid by her Neighbors

Nothing like winning friends and influencing people. Linda Lay was able to settle her back payments of MORE THAN $109.000 in building dues. You see she lives at the ritzy upscale Huntingdon high rise. The property assessment was based on ownership of nearly 3 percent of the 34-story building, the Houston Chronicle reported.  Besides a 12,827-square-foot condo on the 33rd floor worth more than $4 million, she also has 10 parking spaces and four storage units, the lawsuit said. You know we are just finding it hard to feel sorry for her. She might have to get a job!!! She's fighting the Feds over her dead hubby's $13 million fortune which is probably why she was in default, she was just so busy she must have forgetten to pay $109.000 in building dues. And all of these notices on the door or in the mail box probably went unnoticed because of the stress. hhmm Anywho...both sides settled with a motion for the judge to drop the suit without prejudice in case of another default in the future....nice.

Good luck with that, Linda. =)