It's Mother's Day Weekend!!!

So what are you doing to celebrate the mother in your life? You can start by checking out the Weekend Dish! There are some wonderful and fun ideas there. Plus make sure you grab the obligatory flowers...Head over to David Brown in Uptown Park. He will make the obligatory flowers out of the ordinary! (Ask for Leon, he's by far our fave guy and tell his DISH sent you!) Then give {intimacy} a call and set up a gift certificate and personal bra fitting! It will change her life! All of Houston's elite have already had the experience, Nelly from Houstonisimo, DISH (of course), Whitney former host of Great Day Houston and still resident hottie and sooo much more! Check Celebs Love Dish next week for all of the pics...mind out of the gutter please! We are all dressed!

SO treat the momma in your life right this weekend! Boost her ego by letting her know she is queen everyday!

Blessings and Love Dishies!!!

RandomLori Freese