My {Intimacy}

THIS is the store that DISH has been telling you about and IT'S HERE!!! Intimacy is in the Galleria by the Kona Grill next to Chico's. Although DISH is getting custom fitted on Wednesday, we could not wait so we previewed the store today! Intimacy is GORGEOUS!! The most beautiful bra and panty sets and such sexy sleep/lounge wear!

The owner, Susan, used to work with the official bra fitter for the Queen of England and she will be doing DISH'S fitting on Wed...can you imagine?? Hands that have touched Liz Windsor and OPRAH will be touching DISH!!! We hope the regality and success wears off on us!! WAIT!! IT ALREADY HAS!!! =)

Will let you know more on Wednesday and def go check it out! You have never seen such pretty and high quality undies! After all deserve the BEST!