Divine Swine at Houston Zoo!

The Houston Zoo recorded a first on May 21 with the birth of a rare and endangered babirusa pig. The new arrival is named Hadiah (pronounced: huh-DI-ah). Her name means “gift” in an Indonesian language. Hadiah weighed approximately one pound at birth and she immediately captured the hearts of her keepers. The newborn may be seen daily on exhibit at the Zoo’s Wortham World of Primates with her mother Remley. Hadiah is Remley’s first birth.

Houston Zoo veterinarians confirmed Remley’s pregnancy and monitored her progress through an ultrasound procedure. “We were very excited to see the baby’s heartbeat on the ultrasound,” said Houston Zoo primate supervisor Lynn Killam. “But we were absolutely thrilled to see the birth via remote viewing camera. Remley is a wonderful caring mother and Hadiah is just so precious,” added Killam.

Babirusas are small hairless pigs native to the small tropical Indonesian island of Sulawesi.