Kanye West Needs to Go West Young Man!

Kanye is a little BITCH apparently!  DISH was at dinner at Fuad's last night when someone walked to hang at the bar who worked the concert. According to her, Kanye lost it during that show! SAY WHAT??? I know! That's what Dish said too!

Well...Apparently there was a technical malfunction during the concert and because of that he walked off the stage in a tantrum like a 4 year old. We over heard the lady saying that the side screens weren't working - and we aren't talking the ones with his show...they were the venue's screens...so but whoop, RIGHT??? In the beginning, Kanye supposedly told the venue to "Turn the fucking screens off". Then, when no one did anything, he stopped the show and said "If the shits not working just turn it off" and stormed off!

After about a minute he came back onstage and finished the show.

SO....Should we call him a Diva or a Queen? hhmm

Either way, that CHILD is not getting any of our money, there were kids at that show! NOT a good role model!
MusicLori Freese