Cops and Robbers...Well...Cops and A Wanna-Be CIA Agent

So I can understand playing games in the yard with the kids or the bedroom with the partner, but when you have decided you are a CIA agent in real life but you aren't in may have a problem.

Earlier in the week a man was pulled over by Houston Police for speeding, he apparently tried to get out of the ticket by flashing his CIA badge...NICE! When that didn't work and the officer asked the delusional...we mean suspect to get out of his car, he stepped on the gas instead. After an hour long car chase he finally pulled over on the 610 West loop at Woodway where he was shot by officer. He died.

The man was reaching for something shiny on the floor of the car, when he was warned by police to stop moving. He kept reaching for the shiny black item and they took the measures necessary. Turns out he was reaching for a cell phone. HOWEVER, after searching the car, there were 3 guns and 2 i.d's that had his picture but different names.

BUT WAIT! It's not over yet! Although it's been proven by the actual CIA that this man didn't work for them, his wife is suing the City of Houston for wrongly killing her runaway, delusional hubby.  hhmm, is delusional something you can catch?

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RandomLori Freese