Matthew McConaughey has a brother...who's name is Rooster. But that's not the oddest part...Rooster named his kid after his fave beer...Miller Lyte. Admit it, you kinda wanna watch that classy trash. GREAT NEWS!!! You get to!

Rooster—who's given name is Michael Patrick—has apparently signed for a new truTV reality show from the producers of Deadliest Catch. (WHAT?? A good show and impressive group of producers making a show about a dude named Rooster?? YES!)

The series, which begins June 18 on the cable net formerly known as Court TV, chronicles men working one of the most dangerous jobs in the world—the race to find oil in Texas.

While the elder McConaughey himself doesn't work the fields, he earns his air time for being a supplier of the pipes used on the oil drills (a business started by father James), which go down roughly 10,000 feet below the earth's surface. (Wait, a guy called Rooster, no doubt called Cock by those that dislike him...lays pipe??)

And though producers prob won't get that Matthew Money Shot, viewers will finally get to see another side of 'Chew...wonder if Rooster, unlike his brother, uses deodorant??

P.S. Begs the question... is Chew going to name his soon to be born baby after a beer too? Ours would be Warsteiner and if DISH breeds with a Latin, Warsteiner Dunkle!