Illegal Cop Killer Gets to Keep His Life and Gets to Stay in America.

The jury decided Juan Leonardo Quintero should spend the rest of his life in prison without the possibility of parole for murdering Officer Rodney Johnson during a traffic stop.


Quintero was found guilty of capital murder on May 8. Quintero was handcuffed in the back seat of Johnson's patrol car after he was arrested for driving without a license on Sept. 21, 2006, when he opened fire.

After the verdict was read, all Quintero had to say was, "I'd like to say I am sorry," and he would not even look the family of the slain officer in the face. He stood with his back to them. Johnson's widow broke down and cried when the punishment was announced. The Johnson family wanted the death penalty.


"The city lost a hero. The department lost one of the best officers. I lost my husband. I feel victimized all over again," said Sgt. Joslyn Johnson, the victim's widow.


Susan Johnson, Rodney's sister addressed the jury during the reading of the impact statement thanking them saying, "There's nothing that you could have done today to bring Rodney back." Rodney%20Johnson.jpg

 "He shot him four times in the back, three times in the head. I can't believe that's what's mitigation," said David Johnson, Rodney Johnson's brother.

Johnson's widow announced Monday that she has filed a civil lawsuit against Quintero's employer, Robert Camp of Camp Landscaping in Deer Park. Johnson's attorneys said that if Camp had not employed Quintero (an illegal immigrant) Rodney Johnson would likely be alive.


"The owner of the company gave a man with a warrant out for his arrest, and who had alcohol and drug problems, a car to drive," said Ben Dominguez, Johnson's attorney. "He did not have a driver's license and he did not train him or teach him well. We believe if Camp did not employ Quintero, Officer Johnson's death might have never happened."


Johnson's widow has also threatened to sue the city if it does not change a departmental policy and place two officers in every patrol car.

RantLori Freese