Safety in the George R. Brown

Did you know that you are not safe in the GRB? An INSIDE DISHIE let us know today that when the GRB was being built they spent the better part of a week going through the entire building with a fine toothed comb making sure everything was kosher with the fire marshal...THEN...when presented with the report that they needed to add more sprinklers to the system because there were not enough to make code...the answer was simply, "No, we are not going to do that." It still has not been done!

Plus since it's a city building, paid for by YOUR taxes, it never will be checked again or enforced. Mayor White is the only one that can force them to fix it and he won't by using the excuse that it will cost you more to make it happen. How much of our tax payer dollars did they spend on that building and from day one it's not been up to code????


RantLori Freese