Susan, The Bra Whisperer, and DISH!



OMG!!! We are soooo excited! The BRA WHISPERER herself sent DISH a personal thank you note!! WOW! What awesome manners! My Grandmother won't have to haunt her! So Susan told us what a pleasure it was to meet us and that our energy and enthusiasm inspired her! YIPPEEEE We inspire her??? WHAT??? She's the queen of all things boobie world-wide, on Oprah, How to Look Good Naked, The Today Show etc and WE inspire HER??? DISH fainted a little today coming home from NYC to that awesomeness! PLUS she told us that she and her hubby love DISH!! YIPPEEE again! Hope we all get to hang again soon, there is no one more fun that SUSAN! The good news here is that our boobies will never hang again! =) BTW when shopping at the Galleria {intimacy} make sure you shop with Chrissy! (Although ALL of the ladies there are very nice and awesomely educated about all things. You should listen to them...i'm just sayin'

Shopping Lori Freese