Yo B! Nobody Cares That Much

Thank you TMZ.com for the update...so I don't have to be there.

UPDATE 10:41 PM ET: We know, we know. Live stream went out. We suck. BUT we're still there, outside the apartment ... and there really aren't any updates! We just spoke with a driver who told us an interesting tidbit. All of the drivers were hired for an event (they didn't know what) three days ago, but TODAY they were told that the event was off. THEN, this afternoon, they were told it was back ON. But the drivers don't really have much info on anything-- they're all circling the block waiting for instruction from security. Another interesting item-- no cell phones are allowed inside. The drivers are all carrying their clients' phones, waiting for them to come out.

So what do you think? Is it Beyonce or Jay-Z that thinks they are that all fired important? Go feed the hungry and help sick homeless children THEN you might be worthy...shut up til then.

(Don't you want to know that the prenup looks like? I bet it's a doozy!)

Lori Freese