Polygamy Kids....

These poor children. Could you imagine being abused mentally and physically on a daily basis, and if you are a girl, being forced to have sex with men more than twice your age? What's worse, is that these babies have been kept away from the outside world so they would not have an idea that what was happening to them was wrong. Although the phone call that tipped off the police may have been a hoax, they police acted in good faith and that fact should keep this case in the court system.

These people know they have been doing wrong things because out of the more than 400 kids, all the parents have to do it go give a DNA sample and once the kids have been id's as their kids, they will get them back. Out of the over 1500 adults that have been asked to give DNA samples to claim their children...as of Wednesday evening, only 15 had come forward to do so.

Thank God these kids have been rescued.

RantLori Freese