More Pirates...Really!

As Dish first told you a month or so ago Pirates took over a yacht near Somalia, and they have attacked again!

In the same area, according to Yachting Monthly, a Spanish fishing boat has been seized this time. Apparently Pirating is a booming business! Yes, I said BUSINESS!

    The spoils of a career as a pirate off Somalia's high seas were simply too good for Abdi Muse to pass up. He bought two Land    Cruisers and a new home, then married two women in one passionate week.

   "I was giving away money to everyone I met," said Muse, 38, who said he made $90,000 hijacking ships. "After two months, I had no money left. Can you believe it?"

It just goes to show you, greed makes the world go 'round.

RandomLori Freese