Uncle Sam Foots the Bill for Swizzle-Hips Treatment..ish

Patrick Swizzle-Hips, 55, has been hound dogged by those nasty stalkerazzi since the story broke last month about his battle with pancreatic cancer. Consequently, he's been given permission to secretly use a government airbase for his flights between the hospital at Stanford University and his home in SoCal.

A friend of Swizzle-Hips somehow got rare permission from officials at Moffett Federal Airfield, a former Navy base now operated by NASA near San Jose, Calif., to land the Beechcraft Super King Air 200 he pilots himself. Swayze takes the one-hour flight to Moffett bi-monthly for chemo treatments.

I guess when you can move the way he does (Dirty Dancing) and love the way he does (Ghost) he can land anywhere he wants to!

RandomLori Freese