Oh Dishies!!!

I'm blogging from Austin this weekend...TWO count them TWO weddings this weekend. So I may be distracted...however here is a tease for some upcoming stories...

*Patrick Swizzle-Hips is using a private military airstrip for his plane so he can get to his cancer treatments...what makes him so special?? We'll explain.

*Texas' own American Idol Kelly Clarkson is lick able according to the U.S.Postal Service. WHAT? The heck you say!!! I KNOW!

*Dallasite(parasite) and world renowned douchebag Rod Van Winkle, AKA Vanilla Ice has been arrested for beating his wife and has been ordered to stay away from her...no explanation really, i guess we all knew that one was coming...

*AND B and J were at the Rocket's game tonight according to a Private Dishie...are they or aren't they married? We'll tell you what we found out! (I wonder how much longer they are going to be in town?? Long enough to have a wedding reception for those that could not make the NYC nuptials??)