The Frequency is Rather Bad

It seems Dan Rather's ego is rather large. The Texan (we'll call him that because even though he was raised in H-Town, he was born in Wharton..and let's face it, he's not something to be completely proud of) has been given the big brush off from CBS...AGAIN! CBS threw a hoity-toity gala for the 20th Anniversary of 48 Hours the network's second longest running program, and Rather was missing (aka: UNINVITED). (rumors are swirling that one of the exec. producers of the show actually called him before the event to make sure he knew he was NOT under any circumstances to show up! OUCH) You see Danny Boy what happens when you sue your former employers for upwards of $70 Million??

Btw, he did attend John H. Reagen High School in the Heights. Great building! The architecture is just beautiful!, It was designed by the same people that designed the original Rice University! The history of the school is just amazing, it started out as an all white school and was not desegregated until 1970. AND the basketball court is the home of the Houston Takers, a professional men's basketball team in the American Basketball Association!