A Rockin' Glass of Wine!

I tend to like laid back types of places because I do the hoity-toity parties and that's an exhausting way to live! Yesterday, I went to this really rockin' wine bar called The Corkscrew. The owners are two very handsome brothers and one of them is always there so you get amazing service. The wait staff is really cool and helpful and one of them even hand makes truffles that they serve on the dessert menu! I suggest the Kama Sutra truffle and the 7 Deadly Zins wine! Together, it's perfection! Oh and this Sunday, you can go bowling with them! Not kidding! for $35.00 you meet up at the Corkscrew, load up into an old school yellow school bus and throw back a beer or two on the way to the bowling alley! You get to bowl two games and then head back to the Corkscrew for some delicious wine, truffles and their awesome food! Sounds like a nice day! Drunk.


P.S. Don't worry if you don't know anything about wine, they have a class you can take called Corkscrew U!