Recycle Houston, If You Can Find Where and How...

I am a recycler..and I don't mind telling you that here in the City of Houston, it's a HUGE pain in the recycling bin to recycle. If you want to participate you have to take it to a specific place yourself. That's fine because I live in an apartment complex. (although there should be financial incentive if not forced multi person housing recycling participation). But the real issue is (and I pray to all things that are Holy that this is wrong and I'm still checking) that only 27,000 homes get the curbside service?? So i guess that means make sure when home shopping that you buy one of those. Out of those 27,000 homes, however, only about 1000 of those can get biweekly curbside recycling pick up. THIS CAN'T BE RIGHT!? And the city is BOASTING about that "huge" number on their website. Out of a city of more than 4.5 Million people, how does that make sense? SHAME ON YOU MAYOR WHITE! There are 92 zip codes in the H-Town area only 58 are offered curbside recycling programs. Now on that site, you can find the closest location to you where you can drop off your recycling, but keep in mind that not all of those accept glass so you may have to have more than one stop on your weekly recycling drop off trip. It's a pain, but it's worth it. Now, let's just hope it's actually being recycled and we don't end up with the same embarrassment Britain did!

You know, when the City and Mayor White did a Go Green Houston campaign, H-E-B stepped up. But that still doesn't explain why the H-E-B owned Central "I'm so natural and organic" Market doesn't participate. Am I still missing something??

RantLori Freese