Gone Country?

Seems a fitting title since Rodeo Houston is about to start. Oh wow, I can't wait for that crisp morning when I go outside on my patio to greet the day! Welcoming the sun, with my freshly brewed organic Columbian coffee in my hand, by taking in a deep breath of the smell of fresh organic horse manure. That's called Trail Ride. ick. I'm hoping I am of sane mind enough that morning before my coffee to remember that it's 'THAT' day and forgo my patio.

Anywho, to the actual topic at hand. There is this tv show on CMT called "Gone Country". It's FREEKIN' Hilarious! It's like nothing you have ever seen. Bobby Brown, Jan Brady, Dee Snider and other not so much anymore celebs are competing to see who can "Go Country" best or first or something. From what I can gather so far, Bobby  Brown is drunk the whole time and Jan Brady learns to belch. They even have a toilet seat throwing contest. I'm not kidding!! WHOOP.   

You must understand I am not a country girl. Yes, I am a Proud Texan. Yes, I was raised with a ranch AND a farm, but I lived in the city and the farm was a private 9 hole family golf course. I can two step with the best of them and really enjoy dancing...but it's mainly because I was raised German and the dances are basically the same. But the beer is better ;)

So go watch "Gone Country" and git yurself in that Hewstin Rodeeeeeo Spirit! Git 'Er Dun!