Live Music, Beer and a Grocery Store

I ADORE the live music scene that happens on the weekends at Central Market! You can buy from the cook out stand outside, healthy or not so much, and beer! You sit outside and enjoy your meal or beverage with your mates in the awesome outside weather with the sun on your skin, life is really good! 

Until you go to throw your trash away and you discover an ugly truth...they DO NOT recycle.


If you want toilet paper at Central Market you have to get the one ply, recycled, already been used for something or another type of experience. Tons of organic products tp purchace and even recycled paper bagsin which to take your newly purchased organic, recycled, free range whatever you eat home. But at their own weekly live music, valet parking, outside in the sun, eating experience, you can't recycle your glass, plastic or paper items unless you take them with you.

Is it just me or is there something hypocritical about that?

Hhmm. Loved the day, but thinking I will not go back until I figure out if the problem is with Central Market or the City of Houston.

What do you think?  

RantLori Freese