Postponing Dish for TV...


Soooo much to chat about...but I have been working on casting for Last Comic Standing...

Because that is finishing up tonight, let me just give you a little hint of the stories to come!

1) I accidentally walked into the men's room the other night at a wine bar in Uptown Park. But...of course because my life is NEVER boring, There is more to the story and it has to to with SEX in the P.F. Chang's Bathroom! (not me tho)

2) Julio Iglesias and has made one of his sons work for a living for a Houston based airline!

3) I have fallen deeply in love with a vat of body butter.

4) I'm talking about all things Oscar this weekend as well...the movies, the fashions, here's to hoping no one makes the same mistake Fashionista Marc Jacobs made and find their inspiration in a Swedish petrol station! 

All this Dish and more coming tomorrow!

RandomLori Freese