Chocolate = Drool!

If you are human, you probably have a dessert compartment. It doesn’t really matter how much you have eaten at one sitting, there is always room in the dessert compartment. But there is something to be said for trying to stay healthy.

Raindrop Chocolate has done just that!

The owner, Don, is such a joy every time I go in. You will never eat Hershey’s again!
Everything he sells is made right there in the store! It’s all natural, wax and preservative free. The hand made truffles are brainwashingly delicious. I suggest the Champaign/Rose or Curry and for the true chocolate connoisseurs I humbly offer up the 85% dark.
Pick up the TOT’s (take out truffles) during the day time and go back after dinner for his home made Gelatto. Yes, also all natural!!!
They are open til 10.

WONDERFUL GIFT IDEA!! Take the tot’s (and I do mean the truffles!!) instead of a bottle of wine to a dinner party! You will make a much better impression!