Mirror Ball Pics!!

What a great time!!! The Mirror Ball benefitted Fresh Arts and Glasstire and DISH had the best time ever!! We love this party!! Here are some of the best pics of the night...thank you Ed Schipul!! DISH was in a time crunch for the outfit shopping therefore we went to the party as the mirror ball and just thanked people for coming to us! hahaha (p.s. the dead animal was because everyone in the 70's wore a dead animal...no PETA comments please!)

 DISH and some dude...all in all it was a fun night!!


 DISH and Madeline Hollern from Envy Mag. Love her!!!


 Our hosts, Marita Fairbanks and Rainey Knudson. Thanks for a great time ladies!!!

And a special thanks to Mandy Graessle, without whom none of this would have happened!!!