DISH'S Future Ex-BF is Going to be a Daddy AGAIN!!!

Damn about irrespobnsible!!! Not only is he returning to racing, but he's also gonna be a dad for the fourth time.

Lance Armstrong has sup-sup-supper sperm!

Sources are chatting that the multiple Tour De France winner is expecting a child with his girlfriend, a non celeb.

"Lance and Anna [Hansen] have been quietly dating since July," a source tells us. "They met through Lance's charity work. Anna works at a non-profit for cancer survivors."

Only since July and they are already serious enough to have a baby??? Something is fishy here and it ain't the Sushi! The two are said to be "thrilled" with the joyous baby news. (sure after he said lose it and she said no and watch me ruin you if you don't smile for the camera sweatheart!)

After Armstrong found out he had testicular cancer in the '90s, he had his sperm frozen. The three children Lance had with his ex-wife were conceived through in vitro.

Now, all these years later, his sperm is active again - something that only occurs in a handful of testicular cancer survivors.

Lance and Anna's baby was not planned but it's a little miracle. ( What did DISH just tell you????)

"They couldn't be happier," a source tells us. (uh hu...)

Lance Armstrang is totally a real-life Superman - and he totally has super sperm!!!

Congrats!!!! (ish)

Lori Freese