How Does the G.M Failure Effect You??

In so many ways. First think of the loss of local jobs if the local dealerships close. One of the big three auto makers in America might run out of money before the first of the year. Wrap your brain around that. The reasons are obvious: The economy is such that the banks that are still open (Bare Stearns and Washing Mutial having been bought out by chase among others) are not leanding money. The unemployment rate is the highest in 14 years which means people could not pay back the loans anyway. Gas prices are finally coming down to what used to be considered high and the sale of the SUV is suffering. Not just because of the gas prices but because no one has a job! Back to the auto industry Ford announced they are less than two years away from bankruptcy while G.M cut 5500 jobs today, both white collar and union positions.

DISH is waiting for the new president to impliment his promises, although if you make above what used to be considered a good living you get to pay more than 35% in taxes according to him...but at his point..We just NEED JOBS!!!