Babs is OK!

Last night former first lady Barbara Bush, had to be rushed to the hospital. (OH NOOOO BABS!!!)

George's mom was taken in a private car to a hospital after feeling "a little bit of pain."

She's such a lady!! A little bit of pain, she says, and it turned out to be a bleeding stomach ulcer!!

But, today, says Laura Bush, "She's doing great. George and I talked to both president Bush and Barbara Bush last night while they were in the hospital. They were doing very well then."

Something to be grateful for on this Thandgiving Eve!

Laura Bush adds, "This morning, we didn't call them because we were afraid we got up too early and would wake them up too early. But the White House doctor did talk to Barbara Bush's doctor. And she's doing very well. We're really thankful."

The former first lady is undergoing tests, but thankfully "so far everything is negative. Fortunately, it looks like it's going to be a small matter."