More Than Just Chocolate at Raindrop!

OOOHHH!!! There is a new artist showing at Raindrop Chocolate!! Just in time for the holidays!

Guido Bolaños Zumbado was born in 1976 in San José, Costa Rica. After studying Industrial Engineering for over four years, he left the country and did social wok in Puebla, Mexico moving then to the United States at age 25.With a growing interest in the arts since his days in Costa Rica; he enrolled in the University of Houston receiving his BFA in Photography and Digital Media in December 2007.

In his work, Bolaños develops a variety of character with which to express and explore his inner-self, feelings and emotions; often using himself as the model and the photographer with much interest in form and the human body.

Trained in book-binding, he is very interested in artist books that combine text with photographic material and has produced various works of this kind.

He currently resides and works in Houston, TX

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