Is Beyonce Out of Ideas??

DISH is thinking so and here are some examples:

1) Her new video, "Single Ladies" a knock off from the 60's that has recently been used for the song "Walk it Out"

2) Some pics of Rihanna look oddly similar to B's latest look...guess who had them first??

(P.S. we admit we stole these pics from Perez because he did them so perfectly!!)

3) A couple of years ago Le Toya Luckett had a great song on her debut solo album that was being played here in Houston before the single was officially released. Now we can't say for sure, but we can say that the song is called "All Eyes on Me" and Paul Wall was talking about "All eyes on you baby girl tonight" and we're just saying that B's song came out really fast and unexpected like where Slim Thug(La Toya's ex) was saying "All eyes on your and your crew" (Check up on it)

All DISH is saying is that there is something shady going on here...If you need a vaca B just admit it instead of stealing other people's ideas and creativity.