DISH'S Future Ex-Boyfriend is Fearful about the Next Tour De Lance!

DISH'S future ex-boyfriend Lance Armstorng's return to the 2009 Tour de France after 3 years of 'retirement' might get u-g-l-y! (he's ain't got not aliby)

The seven time Tour winner revealed in a new interview that he's afraid for his safety out there on the course.

(Come on this a way out? Are you possibly afriad of a huge failure?? The good news is running is harder than cycling so you should be in better shape and possibly up for another win!!!)

He says, "There're some aggressive, angry emotions [in France]. If you believe what you read my personal safety could be in jeopardy. Cycling is a sport of the open road and spectators are lining that road. I try to believe that people, even if they don't like me, will let the race unfold. There're directors of French teams that have encouraged people to take to the streets … elbow to elbow. It's very emotional and tense."

He also acknowledged the doping accusations that have been directed his way,

"I understand people in France and in cycling might have that perception but the reality is that there's nothing there. The level of scrutiny I've had throughout my career from the press and the anti-doping authorities is unmatched. I'm not afraid of anything. I've got nothing to hide. I won seven Tours through hard work."

DISH will protect you Lancie!!!