This weekend!!

The elections are over, but that doesn't mean hate is and we should fight against it! Your opportunity to do just thiat is this weekend at City Hall!!!

Voters in 3 states passed ballot measures intended to strip the rights of gay and lesbian couples. These ballot measures indicate that we are not fully equal under the law. Join the protest! Thousands in all 50 states will take to the streets with one common goal in mind—full equality for all—let us not forget that our cause is one of civil respect rooted in justice and fairness. Marchers will call not only for justice for LGBT families, but for an end to all the oppressions that hold our nation back and give the false impression that our differences are more profound than what we have in common.

The time is 12:30 - 2:30 at 901 Bagby.

If you are not in Houston, please click HERE to find a protest rally near you.



Lori Freese