Adopt A Kid, Christmas Toy Mixer.

Have a  great thime while making a child feel special! There will be a live band, FREE FOOD (A DISH fav!), and Special Drinks!!

The Avant Garden Social Patio Bar and Lounge is right in the heart of Montrose art district (411 Westheimer). Come explore this stylish 2 story building with its vine covered balconies and romantic patio setting.

It's a cozy way to listen to some cool tunes from the band's guitar and cellist all the while helping kids fulfill their Christmas wishes by donating to the Depelchin Children's Christmas Wish List.

Don't know what to give? We've got some hot toys for auction that can save you time and money. There are plenty of ways to donate. You'll have a great time and it will all be for a good cause!

Then come to Pagoda Bistro on Thursday, Dec 11th for the 2nd part of our double feature mixer. All unwrapped purchased gifts will be brought here and placed under the Christmas tree. (There will be a 2nd event invitation created for Pagoda)


Lori Freese